Vulkollan® and other polyurethanes for extreme applications

Perfecting Performance by EXSTO

Wheels in Vulkollan®

Over the years, EXSTO Italia has become increasingly specialised in producing  industrial wheel coverings in Vulkollan ® according to customer specifications, for special uses and also with very large diameters.


From Ø 20 mm to Ø 1000 mm, Vulkollan ® wheels with coverings weighting up to 80 Kg.

Materials and process

These heavy-duty wheels can be supplied complete with metal insert made in C40, Aisi 303 and 304 Stainless steel, Aluminium, Bronze, Cast Iron, and plastics such as Ertalon.
We can provide metal rings in iron with diameters up to 880 mm. Made using calender, welding and lathe techniques, with tolerances which allow them to be fitted onto solid hubs, and coated up to a diameter of 1000 mm.

Sectors of major use of Vulkollan ® wheels

general industrial wheels, bottling systems, automatic and packaging machines, labelling systems, wire-guided conveyor systems, AGV systems, airports, paper, ceramics, cement mixing, heavy-load wheels for refuse compacters, foundries, glass working machinery, etc..

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    We produce wheels for AGV systems, both new supplies and regenation of old wheels.
    Vulkollan® guarantee maximum load capacity, low heat accumulation and minimum permanent deformation due to compression.

    Vulkollan ® can be cast in a range of hardnesses from 65 to 95 Sh°A, although the mechanical properties of this material are particularly noteworthy between 80 and 95 Sh°A.

    EXSTO Italia renovates Vulkollan wheels whose coating has been damaged by the use: we remove the worn polyurethane by turning lathe and we cast a new Vulkollan ® covering on the metal rim.

    Extreme applications

    For roller-coasters and other demanding uses (i.e., 30 m/s), we can offer other polyurethane systems with outstanding dynamic properties.
    These materials guarantee exceptional abrasion resistance and flexibility, low compression set and high performance even at high temperatures (up to 135°C or 275°F) in continuous use, high tear and traction resistance and minimal permanent deformation.