Vulkollan® and other polyurethanes for extreme applications

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Other applications in Vulkollan®

The excellent characteristics of Vulkollan® polyurethane, in particular its high resistance to heavy loads, to high temperatures and to corrosive agents, make this material ideal for many industrial applications.

Vulkollan® applications for industry:

  • moving parts and wheels in woodworking machines, and for producing tiles and bricks;;
  • components of automated storage systems;
  • components of mineral extraction systems;
  • Vulkollan ® wheels for flooring systems and asphalting;
  • technical applications in the road maintenance industry;
  • motor-wheel coverings in Vulkollan ® subject to high temperature applications;
  • conical and biconical rollers in Vulkollan ® for off-road vehicles;
  • diaphragms and valve seats for paint pumps
  • wheels for bottling, labelling, filling and packaging machines. In particular, for certain special applications such as for example filling machines, Vulkollan ® can be used for covering metal hubs.

Furthermore, in the production of pneumatic hammers and hydraulic breakers, Vulkollan ® has proved its distinctive characteristics for its exceptional resistance to impact and mechanical stress. This special polyurethane system is – in fact – widely used for springs and shock absorbers.

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