Vulkollan® and other polyurethanes for extreme applications

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Bars, rods and sleeves in Vulkollan®

EXSTO Italia produces the following semi-finished items in Vulkollan ®:
– Round rods from Ø 14.7 mm to 160 mm
– Perforated sleeves, hollow rods in sizes from 21.6 mm to 160 mm.

As well as the sizes indicated in the file attached above, we also produce round bars and perforated sleeves in Vulkollan ® in larger sizes at the request of the client up to a maximum weight of 40 kg per piece.

The round bars or rods in Vulkollan ® are normally held in stock in a hardness of 92 Sh°A, while the other hardnesses are produced upon request by the client.

Rods, bars and sleeves in urethane can be used as bumpers and spacers, as strengtheners for thin metal cores, as suspension mounts, sound dampeners, and for many other uses in all industries.

Have also a look to our round and hollow rods and sleeves in polyurethane on this link.

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