Vulkollan® and other polyurethanes for extreme applications

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Vulkollan® and other urethanes for extreme applications

In addition to a variety of quality formulations of polyurethane, EXSTO Italia offers some urethanes specifically developed for extreme applications, among which licenced Vulkollan ® by Covestro.

Considering the requirements of each request, we support our customers in the choice of the most suitable formulation: we guarantee the best performance even in case of contact with water or chemical agents, of extreme loads or friction, or high wear and tear.

Globally well-known for its exceptional resistance to dynamic stress and
abrasion, wear and tear, Vulkollan ® is one of the top-quality polyurethanes for
applications involving hydrocarbons, mineral oils and grease.

All these outstanding features make Vulkollan ® the best choice for demanding usage such as – for example – wheels and rollers coating, hydrocyclones, shock
absorbers and seals.

More than 12 types of polyurethane

For wheels and rollers, EXSTO Italia can offer polyurethanes with high slippage and low friction (internal heat), ideal for extreme applications like roller-coasters, pallet shuttles or stacker cranes. When resistance to high speed is required, we supply formulations with specifically designed dynamic features. Our products can meet some of the most demanding conditions, thanks to the following characteristics:

  • Low compression at high temperatures (up to 135°C – 275°F);
  • Low elastic deformation;
  • Exceptional resistance to abrasion, wear and tear;
  • High resilience.

Products available in Vulkollan

Wheels in Vulkollan®

Over the years, EXSTO Italia has become increasingly specialised in producing  industrial wheel coverings in Vulkollan ® according to customer specifications, for special uses and also with very large diameters.


Other applications in Vulkollan®

The excellent characteristics of Vulkollan® polyurethane, in particular its high resistance to heavy loads, to high temperatures and to corrosive agents, make this material ideal for many industrial applications.


More information about Vulkollan®

Vulkollan ®, a material with an elasticity similar to that of rubber, in its classic form is a polyurethane elastomer based on naphthalene-1,5-diisocyanate (Desmodur ® 15), polyester polyol and special chain extenders. It is produced using a hot-cast moulding process.

We can offer Vulkollan ® in a range of hardnesses from 65 Sh°A to 95 Sh°A
its mechanical properties are particularly favourable in the hardnesses from 80 Sh°A to 95 Sh°A, in fact these are the types of Vulkollan® that have the greatest share of the market.


Vulkollan® features

Compact Vulkollan®, chemical and electrical characteristics

Polyester-based Vulkollan® is susceptible to the effects of hot water, caustic solutions and acids, in a process known as hydrolysis. A degree of swelling occurs in organic solvents, and the mechanical properties are compromised as the swelling increases. The solvents which swell the material physically can be removed at a later stage from the elastomer through a drying process. Many plastics contain free additives such as plasticisers, which can be extracted by washing, through contact with solvents, which can lead to changes in the material. Vulkollan® contains no plasticisers and thus there are no noticeable changes in its characteristics following extraction of the free additives. Therefore the characteristics of the material remain predictable.

Performance of Vulkollan®

Vulkollan® based elastomers offer an exceptional combination of properties which makes them ideal for a wide range of special and demanding uses.

Eg: suitable for high dynamic stress, good resistance to UV radiation, ozone, grease and oils, low temperature dependence, high resistence to wear, low permanent deformation, high rebound resilience, high tear resistance.


Examples of application

High load-bearing capacity, low heat accumulation and minimum permanent deformation due to compression, thus virtually no flattening. Many manufacturers of electrical lifting machinery exclusively use wheels in Vulkollan®.

High elasticity factor allows a greater power transmission capacity, and thanks to the low damping there is minimal heating of the material.

The low permanent deformation and low dynamic stiffening allow noise insulation and ensure long-lasting components.

The low permanent deformation and low dynamic stiffening allow noise insulation and ensure long-lasting components.

Vulkollan®’s high level of elasticity allows it to be used for self-supporting structures. Its high resistance to wear guarantees great durability.