Snowplow blades in composite material

Perfecting Performance by EXSTO

Snowplow blades

EXSTO Italia is a leading manufacturer of snow plough blades. We offer a wide range of snowplow blades in composite material made of steel, rubber and corindone ceramic.

Much more resistant! Our composite snowplough blades last 250% longer than traditional steel blades.

The special rubber compound EXSTO developed for snowplow blades is particularly resistant to abrasion, but it is also flexible and elastic so that it can easily adapt to the ground surface.

Our blades are 100% Made in Italy

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    Upon request, we can design and produce blades for snow removal according to the customer’s needs, in rubber or in polyurethane.

    Advantages of the composite snowplow blades

    • Highest scraping performance without damaging the road tarmac
    • Longest useful life
    • For all types of snow
    • For all types of soil
    • Lowest fuel consumption