Rubber-coated wheels

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Rubber coated wheels

EXSTO Italia is specialised in the production and renovation (re-coating) of rubber coated wheels for any industry.

The choice of the most suitable rubber compound is fundamental to guarantee the useful life of the wheel, especially in those applications where heavy load, dynamic load, speed and rolling resistance are involved.

Our technical office supports you in the choice of the best polymer, thanks to our long experience in the field.
We can also supply plastic and metal hubs according tot he customer’s drawing.
Thanks to an innovative software for non-linear analysis, we can simulate the behaviour of elastic materials exposed to static and dynamic stress.

EXSTO Italia is specialised in the production and renovation (re-coating) of new and old rubber coated wheels: we can manufacture for example rubber wheels with black, white and coloured compounds, FDA rated for the food industry, or non-slippery rubber wheels for industrial floor-sweepers.

In addition to rubber coated wheels, we are specialised in the production of custom polyurethane wheels and Vulkollan® wheels, for any applications.

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