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Anti-wear rubber coatings and bars

For the mining and caves industry, EXSTO Italia produces wear-resistant rubber coatings for screening slides and hoppers. We also rubber coat continuous modular mill linings for mineral treatment. EXSTO supplies anti-wear rubber linings and coated impact bars for conveyor belts, in addition to stellar disks for screening.

Rubber coated slides and hoppers

According to the customer’s request, we can rubber coat metal sheets in the standard sizes 300×300 mm and 300×150 mm, but we can also protect shaped metal sheets following the design of the slide.

The total thickness oft he metal sheet coated with rubber can varies from 20 mm to 100 mm fort he standard sizes; for custom coatings the thickness can be made according to the request.

Coated impact bars

These products are used in the loading area of the conveyor belt, underneath the hopper: coated impact bars prevent damages to the conveyor belt, they stabilise its run and the avoid loaded material to leak from the sides.

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