Bars, sheets and springs in polyurethane

Perfecting Performance by EXSTO

Sheets and lists in PU

We produce small polyurethane plates in sizes 490 x 490 mm and 500 x 500 mm, in thicknesses from 5 to 60 mm; as well as larger polyurethane sheets 2030 x 510 mm in thicknesses from 1 to 12 mm made by centrifugal casting.

Sheets, plates and lists in solid polyurethane

EXSTO Italia manufactures semi-finished products in polyurethane in various hardnesses from 65 to 95 Sh°A.

Polyurethane profiles and squeegees can be obtained from our sheets, according to the customer’s design by water cutting. Polyurethane sheets are also often employed as snow plow blades.

To view all the available sizes of polyurethane sheets and plates, please, click on the orange button.

Extreme applications

For demanding uses, we can also supply sheets and lists in Vulkollan ® and in other PU systems developed for harsh environments. More information here.

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