Mineral and environmental solutions

Perfecting Performance by EXSTO

Screening solutions

EXSTO Italia produces: discs for star screens, rubber coated metal sheets, impact bars, scapers for conveyor belts, track shoe pads, hydrocylones and much more for the mining and mineral screening industry.


Discs for star screens

Available in various sizes and types, they are widely used in the ecology and sugar industries.

Scrapers for conveyor belts

Scrapers for conveyor belts or modular scrapers with ceramic insert

Coated steel sheets

Coated steel sheets for hoppers lining, mixing bases and in general as wear protection.
Realization on drawing, with or without holes or screws for fixing.

Track shoe pads

Track shoe pads for earth moving machines in complete supply of metal sole or regeneration of old metal soles.


EXSTO Italia has long-time experience in the manufacture of polyurethane hydrocyclones for water treatment and in the caves/mining industry, which must be resistant to extremely humid environment and to high abrasion. It is also possible to employ these materials according to ACS norms (potable water). Polyurethane hydrocyclones are commonly employed also in the paper processing industry.

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