Bars, sheets and springs in polyurethane

Perfecting Performance by EXSTO

Bars, rods and sleeves in PU

Polyurethane bars and sleeves can be employed as motor-driven rollers, idlers, pipes and for other uses. Moreover, by cutting or machining on turning lathe our polyurethane or Vulkollan® bars and rods, we can obtain channel guides, shock aborbers, springs, etc…

Rods, bars and sleeves in polyurethane

EXSTO Italia manufactures semi-finished products in polyurethane in various hardnesses from 65 to 95 Sh°A.

We also produce non-standard seizes according to the customer’s need.

Extreme applications

In addition to polyurethane bars and rods, we can supply semi-finished parts in Vulkollan® or in other high-performance polyurethanes specifically developed to resist to extremely demanding applications. More information here

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