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Mineral and environmental solutions

Perfecting Performance by EXSTO

Rubber and polyurethane coating of industrial wheels

Perfecting Performance by EXSTO

Vulkollan® and other polyurethanes for extreme applications

Perfecting Performance by EXSTO

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A wide range of elastomers for all needs and applications

EXSTO Italia offers a variety of formulations polyester and polyether-based in different colours and hardness between 30 and 98 Sh°A. Thanks to our cutting-edge machineries, we can manufacture a wide range of products for multiple sectors: from mining to paper, from mechanical to naval applications, from heavy-duty transports to industrial production.

Examples of application fields

  • Coating of wheels with diameter from 10 mm to 3000 mm, also for heavy-loads.
  • Coating of rollers with diameter from 20 mm to 1000 mm, and up to 4000 mm long.
  • Screening panels for sifters.
  • Shock absorbers and anti-vibration pads.
  • Snow plow blades.
  • Abrasion and wear-resistant coating of metal sheets.
  • Guides and sleeves for metal bar loaders.
  • Semi-finished parts such as polyurethane sheets, plates, bars, rods and sleeves.
  • Springs for moulds.
  • Customised parts, for a variety of industries such as components for farming machineries, earth-moving vehicles, harvesters, rollers for overhead travelling cranes, for AGV of special transports, PU lists for clay target throwers, squeegees for the production of ceramic and tiles, etc…

Features of our elastomers

Polyurethane is an eclectic material that combines outstanding features such as elasticity, resistance to a wide range of temperature (up to 90°C), tear and abrasion resistance, high breaking point and mechanical performance, resistance to corrosive chemical agents and hydrolisis, minimal heat accumulation during friction, and much more.

For special applications, which require a superior level of mechanical properties, EXSTO recommends considering Vulkollan® Bayer, an elastomer polyurethane suitable for conditions of very heavy use.

Polyurethane can be vulcanised on many metals and also plastics for the realization of rollers, wheels or any other article also complex due to its ease of molding. With high hardness you can also work with machine tools as any other plastic material. Our company is able to provide a wide range of semi-finished products such as rods, sleeves, plates and blocks also of considerable thickness. Its exceptional features, the range of hardness available, ease of molding and its general versatility, allow this material to solve a wide range of problems in all industrial sectors.

Features of our elastomers

The History of Polyurethane

The polyurethanes, whose discovery dates back to 1937 thanks to the research of the German chemist prof. Otto Bayer, belong to the the plastics family. Are obtained by reaction between an isocyanate and a polyol, which produces a physical change of state from liquid to a solid and elastic material. Changing the raw materials and the combinations between them, with appropriate ratios, it is possible to obtain diversified properties that qualify for the different applications. Taking into account how many isocyanates and polyols are now available, additives, fillers, plasticizers, etc. possible formulations are virtually limitless and give a great variety of properties to polyurethanes. Some are primarily resistant to abrasion, resistant to acids as well as other some have good resistance to hydrolysis. There are polyurethanes with high resilience, in others, however, is practically nil. These elastomers are very resistant to hydrocarbons and oils (both vegetable and mineral). The indisputable resistance to compression of the polyurethane is, combined with its shape memory, a suggestion for countless applications. Research and experience allow you to have the optimal formulation for each application.

The advantage of this product is characterized by the ability to lend itself to different types of machining operations and can be cut, sawn, glued, die-cut or worked to the lathe.

Products available in Polyurethane

Wheels coating

The activity of EXSTO concerning casting compact polyurethanes is increasingly specialising in the production of medium/large sized industrial wheels and coated rollers for heavy use, according to client specifications.


Bars, rods and sleeves in PU

Polyurethane bars and sleeves can be employed as motor-driven rollers, idlers, pipes and for other uses. Moreover, by cutting or machining on turning lathe our polyurethane or Vulkollan® bars and rods, we can obtain channel guides, shock aborbers, springs, etc…


Sheets and lists in PU

We produce small polyurethane plates in sizes 490 x 490 mm and 500 x 500 mm, in thicknesses from 5 to 60 mm; as well as larger polyurethane sheets 2030 x 510 mm in thicknesses from 1 to 12 mm made by centrifugal casting.


PU springs

Polyurethane springs are elastic elements for tools and moulds: here our selection of Jumpy springs.


Custom products

EXSTO produces custom-made parts in polyurethane for a wide range of industries, also including metal inserts or metal hubs.


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