EXSTO CERVELLATI new facility grand opening!


More room was required for CERVELLATI division of EXSTO Italia, in San Lazzaro di Savena (BO):

The constant growth we had experienced in the last years led to an urgent need of additional space, new machineries and more employees.

This year we had invested in a new facility, where we moved and re-organized some complementary activities of our process, in order to free some room in our production facilities for new machineries. We created an area dedicated to  sand blasting and preparation of the metal and plastic inserts employed in the rubber and polyurethane co-moulding process. Moreover, we reorganized our  turning lathe department for rubber, PU and Vulkollan ® rollers and wheels

This additional space let us increase the range of machineries in our hystorical facilities, and to improve our production capacity of industrial parts in polyurethaneheavy-load wheels in Vulkollan ®sheets and other semi-processed parts in polyurethane.