Production lines

Polyurethane casting for a variety of different applications


Expert in manufacturing PU component for mining screen plants

Rubber molding and polyurethane casting

For the food industry, packaging, paper, steel, textile, off-shore, handling, ceramics and wood industries.



The history of Tecnotec

Founded in 2010, it continues to grow while maintaining the balance between experience and innovation

Founded in 2010 from the collaboration between two partners with more than a decade experience in the manufacture, marketing and consulting polyurethane articles for the industry and for the industry screening in quarries and mines.
The ability to look to the future, remaining faithfully linked to its history and its values has allowed Tecnotec to grow, maintaining a constant balance between experience and innovation. Today as yesterday, the development of innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions is the main objective behind the business.

Since June 2015, the Tecnotec became an Exsto company reinforcing its international market, complementing to the France, Great Britain, Brazil, Germany and the United States sites.

Since January 2019 EXSTO TECNOTEC has acquired the business branch of EMIL-GOMMA, a leading company in the rubber and polyurethane processing sector for the food, packaging, paper, steel, textile, off-shore, handling, ceramics and wood industries.

Equipment and machineries

Production techniques designed for PU casting

Polyurethane’s excellent properties – which include flexibility and resistance to abrasion and compression – a choice of many polyether and polyester, prepolymer and quasi, products in different colors and hardness ratings, together with the use of latest-generation equipment such as the Baulé Sa, capable of storing up to 200 different formulations in memory, enable us to offer a broad array of products for just about any imaginable application – from mining to paper making, and from mechanical and marine components to industrial sectors of all kinds – allow the realization of the final product starting from design of the mold and of the appropriate formulation.

The production lines and formulations for specific uses

The two machines with automatic integrated reloading degasser, one for the production of polyether, one for a polyester, with an automatic control of the formulations based on NCO of each batch and stoichiometry request.
This allows you to automatically have the necessary adjustments in formulations, based on the change of NCO each lot and always get products with perfect compounds.
The colors are assigned according to the formulations, customized is based on the hardness that requires the client, with log management based on batches of all the materials used.

Production facilities

Custom molded parts for batches of small and big dimensions

The expansion of the production department

With the expansion of the production department in the rubber sector and with the aid of a large structure and dedicated machines that allow a wide range of action, we are able to implement any type of molded article according to drawing, starting from small objects and progressing up to a considerable measurements, having available compression presses from 130 to 1600 ton, from 500×550mm to 1000×2000 mm.