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Engineering solutions

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Engineering solutions and lab analysis

EXSTO Italia has got a modern and equipped laboratory to run several tests and services for our customers.

In our chemical-physical lab, we test the rubber compounds we use:

  • Tear and Traction resistance, even at controlled temperature;
  • Permanent deformation
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Rheometer to analyse the rubber behaviour during vulcanisation
  • Uniaxial compression analysis
  • Test DMA*

We also have 2D and 3D dimensional control equipment, for tactile and optical measurement.

* DMA Test
Dynamic mechanical analysis (abbreviated DMA) is a technique used to study and characterize materials. It is most useful for studying the viscoelastic behavior of polymers. A sinusoidal stress is applied and the strain in the material is measured, allowing one to determine the complex modulus. The temperature of the sample or the frequency of the stress are often varied, leading to variations in the complex modulus; this approach can be used to locate the glass transition temperature[1] of the material, as well as to identify transitions corresponding to other molecular motions.

As far as wheels and rollers coating is concerned, EXSTO Italia develops innovative solutions for its customers, always suggesting the best material for any applications. Thanks to a powerful 3D software for advanced non-linear analysis, we can accurately simulate the response of mechanical and elastic components under static and dynamic load.