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Off-shore platforms

EXSTO is a leader in the supply of huge PU components for the oil and gas platforms. Very few companies in the world can deal with such monumental production capacity.

Polyurethane and plastics solutions

Today EXSTO is well-known all over the world for its deep know-how in manufacturing industrial parts in polyurethane, plastics and also rubber for any applications.

Almost fifty-year experience in the field

EXSTO started its activity of processing hot-casting polyurethane in France in the mid Seventies, and for 15 years it strengthened its specific expertise, both in Urethane raw materials and in casting machinery.

In the ‘90s, EXSTO France got into the gas and offshore business, with bespoke giant parts such as bend stiffners and restrictors. With significant investments in R&D and industrial patents, it established itself worldwide in the automotive sector, creating a dedicated facility.

Today, with its productive and commercial subsidiares in Brasil, USA, Japan and Italy, the EXSTO Group is a leader in developing technical solutions in polyurethane, rubber and plastics for all industries.

EXSTO Italia – Divisione Tecnotec
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    12089 Villanova Mondovì
    (CN) Italia
    (+39) 0174-699199

EXSTO Italia – Divisione Cervellati
  • Via Remigia 20-24-26
    40068 San Lazzaro di Savena
    (BO) Italia
    (+39) 051 6255095
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EXSTO Chavand équipements
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  • 37 Chemin du Recou, 69520 Grigny
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  • www.chavand.com
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