Rubber molding of custom industrial parts

Perfecting Performance by EXSTO

Neoprene CR

EXSTO Italia has a wide range of Neoprene-based compounds that can be used in compression or injection moulding with hardnesses ranging from 30 to 80 Sh°A.

The industrial applications where Neoprene is most widely used are::

  • Electrical: Current connectors in Neoprene complying with MIL standards;
  • Arms: heel plates, grips, protections for shotguns, target shooters;
  • Railway: bellows in Neoprene;
  • All-rubber Neoprene diaphragms;
  • Diaphragms reinforced in rubber and fabric insert for valves and pumps;
  • Gaskets and seals according to customer’s specifications;
  • Neoprene bellows for industrial applications;
  • Coatings for current transformers, plugs and sockets on electrical cables and railway signals.

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