Wide range of recoil pads for hunting rifles

Perfecting Performance by EXSTO

Rubber recoil pads

EXSTO Cervellati patented an innovative design to produce rubber recoil pads with low weight and high performance.

The pads have big internal cavities that reduce the weight and increase the recoil absorption rate.

The patented internal plate was designed in a new material that is very easy to grind.

The new recoil pads in rubber are available in trap models, curved, flat and with sloping head.

Download their templates here to check sizes and dimensions.

Below you can see how we designed our new butt pads in rubber to reduce the weight and improve their perfomance.
Instead of the traditional ventilation on the sides, we made big cavities in the back.

EXSTO Cervellati has more than 70-year experience in producing butt pads and other shock absorbers in rubber for rifles, carabines and shotguns.
With a wide range of traditional rubber recoil pads (solid, ventilated and adjustable), Cervellati is one of the leader manufacturers of but pads.

All our rubber recoil pads can be ground to fit the stock.


Rubber pads with leather effect texture are available in 2 thickness and with two holes distance. They have a cavity on the back that makes them lighter. They can be ground to fit any stock.
Dimensions: L 146 x L 48 mm


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